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10 More Book Nerd T-Shirts I Want

I did a post a few weeks ago featuring ten nerdy t-shirts with awesome bookish humor that I could really use in my life. Maybe you could use them, too?

OK then, here are ten more:

"Books. Helping introverts avoid conversation since 1454."

"Life is short. Read faster."

"I'm a reader. What's your super power?"

"Bookmarks are for quitters."

"My favorite people are fictional."

"Sometimes all you need is a good book."

"There's never any dust on my dust jackets."

"Why lift weights when you can lift hardbacks?"

"Buy me books and I'm yours."

"If anyone needs me, I'll be reading . . . Please don't need me."

Book lovers be like:

Do you have a favorite book-themes or nerdy t-shirt? Share it in the comments!


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