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YA Paranormal Romance

Enter the world of Seers; where immortals are at war with each other,

and unfortunate mortals like Kate are in over their heads.

Luckily, she's got a Guardian watching out for her...



If you like swoony romance, epic good vs evil battles,

and characters so real they leap off the page, you'll love the Seers trilogy!

This series is complete.


SEERS (Book 1)

When Kate Bennett survived the car accident that claimed her parents' lives, she knew her world would be forever changed. But her life is more dramatically altered than she first realized. Not only is she able to see “mood auras” on the people around her, she's even started seeing invisible people with no colors at all. And no matter how attractive the new addition to her American Lit class is, Kate sees what no one else can—the dangerous truths this mysterious man threatens to pour into her life.

Patrick O'Donnell was killed in the Irish Revolution in 1798. He's here now to try and keep Kate alive, and stop her life from spinning out of control. The one thing he's not going to do is fall in love with her.


But plans change, especially when Demons are involved...

Kate is about to enter the world of Seers; where immortals are at war with each other, and unfortunate mortals like Kate are in over their heads.

DEMONS (Book 2)


Kate Bennett knows her life is in danger.

Ever since she discovered her unique ability to see the colorful auras that surround mortals, Kate's power has made her a target. But now that she's being hunted by the Demon Lord himself, things are quickly going from dangerous to truly deadly. And Kate's not the only one who could get hurt.

Even her immortal Guardian boyfriend, Patrick, knows it might not be possible to protect Kate from a plot that's been centuries in the making. After all, if there's one thing everyone knows about demons, it's that nothing will stop them from getting what they want.

This fast-paced and addictive read is packed with action, romance, and twists you won't see coming. It's guaranteed to keep your heart pounding from cover to cover.

A 2012 Whitney Award Finalist!


Kate Bennett has escaped captivity, but she has not escaped the hunt. The Demon Lord has one million dollars on Kate’s head, and every bounty hunter around is just waiting for the chance to break through her Guardian force. Kate’s only shot at staying alive and protecting her loved ones is to lead the seers on a mission to the past and kill the Demon Lord before he comes to power.

But Patrick, Kate’s immortal Guardian and the love of her life, knows what happens when she travels back in time: he has seen her die in his arms. With Patrick keeping a protective watch over her, Kate knows she can never lead her mission, but she cannot wait around to be captured by demons again, either.

This final installment of the Seers trilogy brings Kate Bennett’s tale to a surprising and exciting conclusion filled with love and heartache, danger and triumph, loss and redemption.

A 2013 Whitney Award Nominee!

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