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Never Have I Ever: Crown & Serpent Edition

Iris and Henri are the bad guys in modern Eyrinthia, but in Crown & Serpent (a prequel to the main series) they’re just two harmless(?) teenagers. Since the book details how they met, I thought it would be fun to do a round of some popular “Never Have I Ever” questions with this young prince and noblewoman. And of course, I thought I’d answer the questions as well!

Never have I ever read the last chapter of a book first.

Henri: Guilty.

Iris: No.

Heather: NEVER.

Never have I ever stolen anything.

Henri: As a prince, anything I want I have every right to possess, so, no.

Iris: Yes, when I was a child I would take little things from my parents. Mostly I remember taking things that my father didn’t think I was ready for, whether that was a book that detailed particularly gruesome poisons, or a dangerous poison itself. I was always a curious child.

Heather: When I was a kid, I contemplated keeping a library book. [*gasps!*] I didn’t, though. I didn’t want to mess up my standing with the library!

Never have I ever lost a bet.

Henri: Perhaps, though I can’t recall a specific incident.

Iris: I’m sure I have not.

Heather: 100% I have lost bets. Luckily, I never place any money on bets, so there’s that at least.

Never have I ever bribed someone.

Henri: I generally resort to threats…

Iris: I’ve never had the need.

Heather: Nope. Unless bribing with chocolate counts... It counts? Oh. Well, then yes.

Never have I ever broken a bone.

Henri: I’ve broken a few over the years. …Oh, you mean my own bones? Ah. Well, yes to that, too.

Iris: I only sprained my wrist once. I fell from a tree in my father’s garden. He’d warned me not to climb that high, but I was checking on the blooms. I was anxious to harvest them so we could make several different poisons.

Heather: Nope, never broken a bone. Or had a bone broken. *looks purposefully at Henri*

Never have I ever dog-eared the pages of a book.

Henri: I probably have.

Iris: I have, when a bookmark wasn’t handy and I needed to keep my place. Research trumps all else.

Heather: Absolutely not! The sacrilege!

Never have I ever lived alone.

Henri: I wish.

Iris: Yes, right after my father died. But I suppose I had the servants, so I wasn’t wholly alone.

Heather: Yes. For the most part I’ve had roommates, but I’ve also had a couple stints of living alone.

Never have I ever told a lie.

Henri: Of course not. *looks at us, because we’re staring at him* Fine. I have lied.

Iris: So have I.

Heather: Yes.

Never have I ever cooked something.

Henri: Absolutely not.

Iris: Do poisons count?

Heather: Yes, I love cooking and baking!

Never have I ever slept outdoors.

Henri: Yes, during my more intense weeks of combat training.

Iris: No. Unless a nap counts?

Heather: Yes, though I’m not the biggest fan of camping. At least not in a tent. A cabin is more my speed.

Never have I ever been to Disneyland.

Henri: What now?

Iris: …I don’t like the sound of this land.

Heather: LOL I just keep picturing it! You two, at Disneyland! *laughs uncontrollably* Although to be fair, I haven’t been, either. But I’ll be going next summer!

Never have I ever believed in ghosts.

Henri: The only ghosts are the memories of the dead that the living can’t let go of.

Unfortunately, their influence can be all too real.

Iris: No.

Heather: Yes.


This was just a bit of fun :) I hope you enjoyed it!

If you want to watch Henri and Iris meet, don’t miss reading Crown & Serpent!


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