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Crown & Serpent Playlist

I'm so excited to be a stop on the Crown & Serpent blog tour today! To make sure you don't miss a stop, check out the schedule here:

For my stop on the tour, I've compiled a list of songs that remind me of scenes/moods in Crown & Serpent. They’re roughly in order of where I think they fit best in the story, and I have added some parenthetical track titles that may help readers place them in the story. I worked to avoid any spoilers, though if you've read any of the books from the main series, then you obviously know some things that happen to Iris and Henri in this novella :)

If I had to pick one song that captures Iris and this story as a whole, it's the last song on this list: Castle, by Halsey.

Listen to the playlist on Spotify or Amazon Music or see the full list with my track names below!

My December, Linkin Park


Cough Syrup, Young The Giant

(Just One Year)

Words as Weapons, Birdy

(How The Nobles Fight)

Ship to Wreck, Florence + The Machine

(Time To Rant)

In The Air Tonight, Natalie Taylor

(First Ball)

Numb, Linkin Park

(Done Playing)

Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us, Fink

(An Outing With The Prince)

Queen of Peace, Florence + The Machine

(“Did You Know I Used To Be Afraid Of Snakes?”)

Castle of Glass, Linkin Park


Fall, Ed Sheeran

(Henri Asks Iris a Question)

Stay, Lissie

(Fears and Decisions)

Way Down We Go, KALEO

(Final Ball)

Nothing Else Matters, Lissie

(Dance With A Prince)

Meet Me In The Mystery, Lissie

(Iris Answers Henri’s Question)

Castle, Halsey

(The Poison Queen)


Learn more about Crown & Serpent and get your copy here:

All she wanted . . .

Seventeen-year-old Iris Winn loves her quiet life with her father, studying the poisons that fascinate them both. But after his sudden death, Iris is now the ward of her estranged aunt and uncle. In order to claim her inheritance, she must live in the capital city of Lenzen for one year. While there, she must attend parties, balls, and participate in every other vapid thing the elite of Ryden value. Iris doesn’t care about learning their rules or joining their ranks–her only goal is to endure the next year. Then she meets Prince Henri Kaelin.

Everything they demanded . . .

Every young woman in Lenzen wants Henri–except for Iris. Unfortunately, the prince only has eyes for her. The king has decreed that Henri must choose a bride before his birthday, and Iris is determined it won’t be her. Dodging a prince’s focused attention while placating her relatives and the rest of Ryden’s high society is exhausting–and more dangerous than Iris could have ever imagined. She is about to learn that not all games are innocent, and some smiles are more lethal than poison. Luckily, Iris is a quick study, and this is a game she is determined to win.

She would take it all.


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