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Exclusive Pre-Order Gift!

Hello Dear Readers!

I promised some exciting news today, so here it is: I'm offering an exclusive gift when you pre-order ROYAL DECOY!

As a reader, I love getting bonus scenes and extras, which is why I decided to share an exclusive short story with anyone who pre-orders ROYAL DECOY!


Grayson is his father's ultimate weapon--but he wasn't always. THE PRINCE AND THE PRISONER is the story of how a young Grayson met the little girl who would change his life forever.

Grayson is quickly proving to be a fan-favorite, and I LOVED writing this short ROYAL DECOY prequel from his POV!


All you have to do is order ROYAL DECOY, take a screenshot/picture of the receipt, and fill out the form below. Then, after ROYAL DECOY releases, you will receive via email THE PRINCE AND THE PRISONER!


Since you can only pre-order the Kindle edition of ROYAL DECOY at this time, I will also extend this to any physical copy purchases made on release day, June 18th! Just make sure you follow the same steps and fill out the form below so I know where to send your gift!

Claim your pre-order gift here:

Thank you for pre-ordering!

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