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Map of Eyrinthia

Hi all! I thought it would be fun to share the map of Eyrinthia!

This was designed by my incredibly talented brother, Kevin Frost. I brought him some (horrible) sketches, gave him notes on the terrains of the different areas, and he created this!

I love a good map, because it makes the world even more concrete. This is true in my writing, and in the books I read. Thanks for making such a great map, Kevin!

In Royal Decoy, we really don't get too see very much of Eyrinthia. Clare is in Devendra, Grayson is in Ryden, and that's really all we get. So I'm excited for Royal Spy, because I'll get to show you so much more of the world--including Mortise, which is my favorite kingdom. I love the beaches, the culture . . . and, OK, it might have something to do with a certain prince who lives there . . .

But I probably shouldn't talk about him just yet . . . So I won't.

I can keep secrets : )

Where's your dream home? In the mountains? On the beach? Tell me in the comments!


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