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Royal Captive Blog Tour Schedule

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

I'm so excited to have teamed up with so many amazing book reviewers, bloggers, authors, and bookstagrammers to bring this awesome tour to you and celebrate the launch of Royal Captive!

Keep scrolling to find all the tour details and links, as well as buy links for the books and the pre-order gift sign-up!

A huge thank you to all the bloggers and reviewers

who participated and made this virtual tour possible!


Haven't read the beginning of this YA fantasy romance series?


MONDAY, March 14th

Cassidy Clarke - Book Review:

@cclarkewriting on Instagram

Crystal Frost - Character Interview (Imara)

Heather Frost - Read the First Three Chapters of Royal Captive:

TUESDAY, March 15th

@Bookbriefs on Instagram

Sarah Hill - Book Review + Character Interview (Mia) (Scroll down and click on the tour banner image to download the interview!)

@authorsarahhill on Instagram

The Reading Pantry - Book Review:

@the_reading_pantry on Instagram

@thindbooks on Instagram

WEDNESDAY, March 16th

@kaitplusbooks on Instagram

@Literarytimeout on Facebook and Instagram

THURSDAY, March 17th

Batty and Anjali - Rook Review + Character Interview (Desfan)

@cherumanalil on Instagram

Books Less Travelled - Book Review + Excerpt:

@BooksLessTravelled on Instagram

Caylin Nash - Excerpt:

@mother.binge.reader on Instagram

@minreads on Instagram

FRIDAY, March 18th

Captivated Reading - Book Review + Author Guest Post:

@captivated_reading on Instagram

@gettingyourreadon on Instagram

@purpleshadowhunter on Instagram

@singinglibrarianbooks on Instagram

Stars Books and Tea - Book Review + Excerpt:

@starsbooksandtea on Instagram



Grab your copy in your preferred format here:

Pre-order and get an EXCLUSIVE short story!

Sign up for the gift here:


A DECOY trapped in a dangerous lie A SERJAH searching for the truth A PRINCE caught in a deadly game A WORLD choked by secrets

Abducted during a devastating ambush, Clare is now the captive of ruthless mercenaries. Dragged through the wilderness while grieving heart-rending loss, she must maintain the illusion that she is the princess. Because if she lets the mask slip, even for a moment, the Mortisians will have no reason to keep her alive.

After arresting traitors close to the crown, Desfan fights to rebuild his court, knowing that the imminent arrival of the Devendran princess will further upset the precarious balance in Mortise. But Desfan’s world is rocked when he discovers a rumor that rewrites the most devastating event in his life. He will stop at nothing to find the truth–no matter where it leads.

As Grayson struggles to find his footing in Mortise, he discovers new friends and enemies. His life is further complicated by the tenuous alliance with his spymaster brother. With secrets deepening around him, Grayson must decide where his loyalties truly lie. Through it all, his heart remains in Ryden with Mia. Unfortunately, his love for her is no secret, and the Black Hand is a coveted weapon . . .

Eyrinthia holds its breath as allies and enemies collide. Secrets. Lies. Betrayals. Nothing will be the same.


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