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Shield & Blade Media Tour Schedule

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

I've teamed up with some amazing book reviewers, bloggers, authors, and bookstagrammers to create this awesome media tour to celebrate the launch of Shield & Blade!

Keep scrolling to find all the tour details and links, as well as buy links for the book!

A huge thank you to all the bloggers and reviewers

who participated and made this virtual tour possible!


Haven't read the beginning of this YA fantasy romance series?

Learn about Royal Decoy here:


WEDNESDAY, July 13th

M. H. Woodscourt - Excerpt:

@woodscourtbooks on Instagram

Darkest Sins - Book Review + Excerpt:

@silviartsy on Instagram

Batty and Anjali - Excerpt:

@cherumanalil on Instagram

That's So Romantical - Book Review:

@thatssoromantical on Instagram

THURSDAY, July 14th

Singing Librarian Books - Book Review + Excerpt:

@singinglibrarianbooks on Instagram

Stars Books and Tea - Book Review + Author Guest Post:

@starsbooksandtea on Instagram

Getting Your Read On - Book Review:

@gettingyourreadon on Instagram

Kate Renae - Aesthetic Mood Reel + Book Review:

@authorkaterenae on Instagram

Why Not Because I Said So - Book Review + Author Guest Post:

FRIDAY, July 15th

Literary Time Out - Book Review + Excerpt:

@Literarytimeout on Facebook and Instagram

Purple Shadow Hunter - Book Review + Author Guest Post:

@purpleshadowhunter on Instagram

Sarah Hill - Book Review + Author Interview:

@authorsarahhill on Instagram

Books Less Travelled - Book Review + This or That with the Author:

@BooksLessTravelled on Instagram

Book Briefs - Book Review:

@Bookbriefs on Instagram

Min Reads and Reviews - Book Review:



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His to protect

When Vera broke Venn’s heart, he was shattered. When she was abducted by mercenaries, he vowed to tear Mortise apart to find her. Now, reunited, he is determined to keep her safe–and win back her heart. Of course, things are never that simple.

Hers to defend

Vera has regretted hurting Venn ever since that fateful night in Wexon, but finding the right time to tell him is proving difficult. Traveling with him to Duvan should give her the perfect opportunity, but things take an unexpected turn when they find young children abandoned near a roadside.

Theirs to save

Helping the children isn’t in question, but the detour leads Venn and Vera into the heart of a sinister mystery. The truth they fight to uncover could change everything in Eyrinthia–and may cost them their lives.

***Shield & Blade is book 3.5 in the Fate of Eyrinthia YA fantasy romance series. It is best enjoyed after reading Royal Captive.***

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