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Wanderlust: Dubrovnik, Croatia

I am feeling some wanderlust, and since we're all staying home right now, I thought I'd do a post that features one of the cool places I visited last: Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Croatia is absolutely gorgeous. The people are so kind and resilient, and tourism is basically their main source of income. There are no factories in Croatia, and the air is the cleanest I've ever breathed. If you watch Game of Thrones, you might also recognize this as King's Landing. I haven't seen the show, so this is just awesome Dubrovnik to me :)

This picture shows me and my mom braving the wind to get a picture with the Old City on the left, and Lokrum island on the right.

Here's a closer up of both, because they're so cool!

P.S., Lokrum is where the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones is. This is as close as I got :)

To enter the Old City, you get to walk through this awesome-ness:

And this:

My medieval, fantasy heart was in heaven!

This is a really cool fountain near the entrance to the old town that still works. This fountain has helped the people of Dubrovnik stay alive during times of war, both ancient and modern.

This shows a church as well as the stairs you can use to access the ancient city wall.

Dubrovnik's old town is also home to the worlds oldest yet still operational pharmacy. It was founded in 1317, and it's still filling prescriptions today. It's located at the Franciscan Monastery, which has an amazing courtyard surrounded by arches and columns, and I admit it felt pretty Harry-Potter-like to me :) There was also a museum with old pharmacy relics, which I wasn't allowed to take pictures of. But my favorite thing to see were the old apothecary manuscripts. Seeing handwritten notes on ancient healing was so cool!

And then of course, it was just fun to wander the streets. I got some great writing inspiration while in Dubrovnik, and I am excited for one idea in particular, which will hopefully someday shape into a really cool book that I get to share with you :)

To summarize: Dubrovnik, Croatia is beautiful, cool, and fun to explore. I loves the greenery, the water, the cliffs, and especially the old town. And the gelato was pretty amazing, too!

I'd love to hear in the comments about a favorite place you've visited, or a place you're excited to travel to one day!


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