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Your Questions Answered

This post will be short, but I wanted to answer some of the top questions I'm getting asked right now. And, because it's me, there are probably too many gifs involved.

PS. I avoided answering any questions that might give major spoilers for Royal Decoy, just in case you haven't read it yet. But since you probably wouldn't be reading this if you hadn't read Royal Decoy, it's probably overkill. Oh well.

Q: When is book 2 (Royal Spy) coming out?

A: Spring 2021. A specific date will be announced in due time :)

Q: How many books are going to be in the series?

A: Six.

Q: If Clare looks so much like the princess, why don't other people see it when she's dressed like the maid?

A: Clark Kent.

...Seriously, that's my answer. The resemblance is obvious, but people see what they expect to see, and details make a difference.

Clare worked in the castle for years without anyone noticing the resemblance, because the people she associated with didn't move in the circles the princess did. All it took was one person taking one longer look, and the connection was made. Then details to alter her appearance happened, and now people see the princess because that's what they expect to see. When she's dressed as a maid, they see a maid--because that's what they expect to see.

Q: How did you create Bennick? I love him!

A: I'm glad you love him! I do, too. Discovering Bennick was super fun, and I love how he plays out on the page. He is good. Kind. Fierce. Attractive. I was very happy to share him.

As for how I came up with him, Bennick really took shape when I knew I wanted the captain of the princess's bodyguards to be a younger soldier. The moment I had that thought, I could see his crystal-blue eyes, stubbled jaw, and that charming half-grin. He told me he was going to fall in love with Clare, and I was totally on board with that!

Q: When will Clare and Grayson meet?

A: Due to spoiler potential, I'm going to skip this one :)

Q: Is Desfan a good person? Will we meet him in book two?

A: You will meet Desfan in book two and I'm excited for that moment. Now, is the prince of Mortise a good person? .... Spoilers :)

Q: I don't know if I believe what King Henri said about Mia.

A: I know that wasn't phrased as a question, but I am getting a lot of questions and speculation about Mia, all variations of the above statement. I'll refrain from giving an answer and let you keep reading.

Q: Are you working on any other books, or just Royal Spy?

A: I do have other books in the works, including a trilogy I'm super excited about and you will be learning more soon.

Thanks for reading! And I appreciate you sharing Royal Decoy with your friends. I feel like I usually find my favorite books through friend recommendations, so keep spreading the word!


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